Purchase Details

Please follow these steps to apply for one of our puppies:


1. Review our sales contract and health guarantee

Once you have read, understand and agree with our contract you may move forward with the puppy application. If you have any questions, please email me first.

The biggest thing to note is, if for any reason you cannot care for your dog anymore, then you must return him/her to us. Under no circumstances are you to sell to someone else or bring the dog to an animal shelter. We take back all of our dogs for any reason, and by signing our contract you agree to this.

2. Please fill out the puppy application

By filling out an application you are stating you agree with our sales contract and will follow it. Once I receive your application I will call you. The application and phone call lets us get to know you better and what you are looking for in a golden. It also helps us better when the time comes to help in selecting the right puppy for you. Filling out an application does not guarantee you a puppy, we have the right to refuse someone if we don’t feel they are a good fit.

3. Deposits and waitlist

After we have talked and your application is approved, you will then put down a $300 Non-refundable deposit. The deposit will be placed on the current or future waitlist depending on which litter you specify, or if the current wait list is already full. We take 3 female deposits and 3 male deposits on each litter. After the litter is born and if we have more room for deposits then we will open it back up. If you are on a future litter you will have the opportunity to move up if you want. Once the puppies are born and you commit to the litter the last non-refundable deposit of $200 is due. The deposit of $500 will go towards the purchase price of your puppy.

Puppy picks / Final Payments

Around 6 weeks old I will perform a temperament test on each puppy. The results will help us determine which puppy will be best suited for each family based on what we have discussed. At this time, we are still letting our families pick their puppy as we want you to feel involved in the process. However, we know the puppies best and hope that you will listen to our input if we suggest a certain puppy for your family. If this process doesn’t work and families ignore our recommendations, then we will be picking puppies for families in the future. Puppies will go home at 8 weeks old, typically we hold pick up day on the following Saturday and Sunday following the 8 week old mark. For example, if puppies turn 8 weeks old on Wednesday, then pick up starts on Saturday.

The final payment will be the remainder of what is left to be paid after you put your $500 deposit down. Please bring cash with you or Venmo prior to pick up dayWE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS.


We will post pictures and videos several times during the week on Facebook and Instagram after the puppies have been born. This allows the families to watch the puppies grow up until they can come visit. If you have Facebook, please join our page by clicking the link on the home page of this website. When puppies are 6-7 weeks old and have had their first round of vaccinations, we will hold a puppy playday. Families are welcome to come out and play with the puppies and see where they are being raised. By this time, I should have a good idea of their developing personalities and we can start the picking process this day. Unfortunately, we cannot allow visitation before puppies have had their first round of vaccinations. Puppies are susceptible to many illnesses until fully vaccinated. On the day of visitation, we ask that you wear clean clothes and shoes and come straight from your home. This is to ensure the health of all the puppies.