Guardian Home (Co-Ownership)

A guardian home is a permanent home for one of our breeding dogs that we keep back from one of our litters.

As our program is growing, we find ourselves having to find responsible and loving homes for our upcoming generation dogs. Our dogs are part of our family they participate in family activities with us, train for obedience and sporting events and cuddle with us at night. Golden Retrievers are family dogs and want to be with their families all the time!

We are looking to keep a couple females and possibly a male this year out of our litters. However, we cannot comfortably have anymore dogs in our house while giving them the training and attention they each need. So, as other responsible breeders are doing, we are currently looking for guardian homes for the puppies we will be keeping back from our upcoming litters.
If you are looking to add a well bred Golden Retriever to your family and would be interested in being a guardian home please read the following and submit an application stating guardian home on it.


  • Must live within 2-3 hours of Syracuse, NY
  • Not have any intact dogs of the opposite sex
  • Have a fenced in yard
  • Have the dog available whenever we need him/her
  • Feed the same food we are feeding our dogs
  • You will be responsible for bringing the dog for yearly vet exams and vaccinations paid for by you. Including monthly Heartworm and flea medication
  • Put the dog in training classes and attain a title of CGC at a minimum but we would love to see more titles

Benefits for the guardian home:

  • You will have a well bred and well mannered dog.
  • We will pay for all the health testing (OFA, Pennhip and genetic testing).
  • We will pay for all pregnancy, delivery and raising of the puppies in our home.
  • You will receive a monetary payment for each litter, for being part of our program. This is just our way of saying thank you for caring for one of our dogs and being part of our program.
  • When the dog is ready for retirement we will spay/neuter at our cost and then the dog is entirely yours.

A few other details to note, is that when she is ready to breed and have her litter you need to notify us as soon as she starts her heat. She will then come to us for a few weeks until she has been bred. At around 30 days after breeding we will take her to have an ultrasound and at around 55 days we will take her to have an X-ray (puppy count). At this point when the x-ray is done, she will start staying with us. She will deliver and take care of her puppies at our home and stay until the puppies start leaving. When the puppies have left she will then return back to your home. While she is in our care we will love and cuddle with her just like you would, she will be part of the family!

If you have a male, then once he has completed all health testing he will need to be available upon our request. We will try to give you some notice, however if we are breeding him with an outside female then we may not have a lot of advanced notice.

Any family that adopts one of our puppies as a guardian home must also stay in constant touch with us, sending us pictures, videos and visits. Also, keeping us updated on how his/her training is going and the titles that have been achieved.

If you think you meet all the requirements please send in an application telling us about yourself. If approved, we will go over everything in more detail and have a contract for you to sign.

Thank you for your consideration in helping to grow our program and better the breed!